If you are a dog’s lover, then you must know that a German shepherd is one of the best among all of the dogs. His many characteristics make them separate from all other dogs. It has a high temperament, good health, and many more. in this article, we will discuss everything about the Working line German Shepherd vs Show line.

you may not know that there are also many variants of a German shepherd. Among them, show line and Working line German Shepherd are two major variants.

If you do not know about them, then this article will be helpful for you to know all characteristics of these variants and how they are different from each other. Let’s compare how they are different from each other.

Comparison of Working line GSD vs Show line.

The working line German Shepherd is mostly used for security purposes. It is of small size with a straight back. This physique brings adroitness in them. These characteristics make them more famous in the military and in other security forces. On the other side, the show line German shepherd has a sloped back that gives them a beautiful look. This variant is mostly used in dog shows.

There are also many other distinctions in both of them. These variations comprise mental and physical health.

If you want to bring a dog to your home, then you must need to bring a dog according to your needs. If you have some security issues then working line breed is best. There we will discuss many other properties that will make you sure which breed is best for you.

Origin of working line and show line German shepherd.

Working line German Shepherd Origins:

working line german shepherd

Firstly, Von Stephanitz in the late nineteenth century observed the German Shepherd during a dog show. After this, he bought a dog and started to work on it. He wanted to breed a dog for working purposes. After the struggle of many years, he succeeds in inbreeding the work trait in a German shepherd.

When people perceived the loyal and courageous nature of this breed, many people were started to purchase them. Due to this nature, they also became famous for house security purposes to military work.

Show line German Shepherd origins:

After the breeding of working line German Shepherd, people were demanding a dog that looked beautiful. Then the breeders bred the German Shepherd in a new way. They included new traits that made them beautiful.

But the people did not accept this bred because they have sloped back and his hind lings were small. And they have also many health-related problems as compared to working line.

Differences between the working line and show line German Shepherd.

Differences in body structure:

show line german shepherd

There are many same physical differences between working line and show line German Shepherd. But some differences are changed from dog-to-dog. It happened due to parents. Biotic and abiotic factors of different regions are also affected their body appearance. Here we will explain the major differences in both of them.

Working line German Shepherd Show line German Shepherd
Size Small


Chest Narrow Wide
Shape Athletic Stocky
Color Bio-color, Sables Tan and black
Coat Short Medium
Hind lings Long Short
Back Straight Sloped

As is mentioned earlier there are many differences in both of them that make them different from each other. But different regions have different properties. There are also many other colors of both breeds.

Name working line is given to them because of its working nature. Show line is used in dogs show. So, the term “show” was added to his name.

Behavior and temperament differences:

As physical characteristics changed from dog to dog. as the same, the behavior of every dog is also varied. Many factors affect the behavior of the dog. But the main factor is that how you trained a dog. Show line dogs are not socialistic. They are feared of people. On the contrary, the working line GSD feels easy and comfortable among the people. There are also many other behavior differences in both of them that are mentioned in the table.

Characteristics Working line German Shepherd Show line German Shepherd
Intelligence Excellent Good
Exercise High Low
Energy Active all-time Calm and lazy
Nerves Steal Varies
Loyalty High Medium
Working ethics Excellent Good
Protection Excellent (it mostly depends upon how you bring up them means how you trained it) Medium/low


Working line German Shepherds are used for working purposes. Due to their aggressive nature, they are mostly used for protection. The show GSD line is calm and lazy. This characteristic increases their use in dog shows. This polite nature of the show line also makes them “family dog”.

Health Comparison

When we talk about the health of the German Shepherd, it varies from dog to dog. Different dogs of the same breed may have different health conditions. But working line and show line German shepherd have some difference in heath.

Usually, it has been noticed that working line German Shepherd have a good health condition. It is all for their working position. They need a high temperament that is closely linked to good health. Without good health, they cannot perform a difficult job.

On the other hand, the show line German Shepherd has compromised health conditions. The back of the show line is sloped and the hind lings are small. Due to this, there is no balance weight on the four legs. This condition often causes dysplasia.

Important advice:

Working line German Shepherd vs Show line

If you want to purchase a German Shepherd either he is working line and show line, you must keep in mind that they require high exercise and time. First, make sure that you have enough time and place for this type of energetic dog. Further, make your future plan because he will live with you for about 15 years.

If you have decided to buy a German shepherd for you and your family then choose the right breed. If you want a polite dog then the show line is the best to match with your choice.

If you need an energetic dog then a working line is best for this. But for this, you need enough spare time for it exercises. It is difficult to bring up the working line but they are a loyal breed that will give you more benefit than your care in return.