The White German Shepherd is a very attractive, loyal, and intelligent Shepherd dog, know that dogs are the most adopted pets in the world, having a white GSD can be the best decision in your life.

In this article, we will discuss pieces of information about the famous and most popular type of dog called the White German Shepherd.

White German Shepherds are very popular:

so guys most of the German Shepherd you have seen in black and silver coat color but do you know that it is also available in white color. The demand for a German shepherd is very high, especially in European countries. In the United States American, the German shepherd remained its 2nd position on the top list for 10 years. A lot of people like white German shepherds, because of their beauty. The White German Shepherd looks very attractive.


white german shepherd

Characteristics of White German shepherd:

This dog is also known because of its amazing properties.

  • One of the best properties of this dog is that it analyzes a lot of things with its noses. They sniff everything like walls, woods, etc. Anyway, the sniffing power of this dog is better than humans.
  • This dog is always used for security purposes, the military uses the German Shepherd Dog or short (GSD) for bomb detection and drug-sniffing.
  • This dog has another positive point, it is smarter. This dog can gain and learn new behavior in a very short interval of time.
  • The loyalty of GSD is at its peak, it is more loyal to its owners. Well, these dogs do a lot of work but their first task is to save their owners and this is the amazing character of GSD. German Shepherd is one of the fearless dogs and this is the reason that it is always used in difficult situations.
  • It always loves the owners and his/her family and it is a little bit strange towards others. If you have a White German Shepherd you will never feel alone because it is always treated as a friend.
  • They use their mouth as a hand that’s why it is called a mouthy breed.
  • You cannot ignore the versatility of this dog. Most owners trained their dogs.
  • GSD is super energetic towards every project. It has the ability to do the job in a good way.

Must Know About White German Shepherd:

white german shepherd

If you want to bring a White German puppy to your home then you must know these basic rules about it.

Socialization and training:

As we all know this dog is a guard dog. That is why basic training and socialization are very important for this dog so that this dog is good at home with your children and family. In order to socialize your puppy, you need to keep them active and take them on a daily walk.

Apart from this, involve your family due to which puppy will know the family members. Every morning seek new experiences and note the positive response in your puppy.

Weight Gain:

Keep eyes on the diet of a German shepherd, if you give them a better diet they will quickly become active. Most owners complain that their GSD does not gain proper weight. Always give them a portion of healthy food so that their health is good and gain some weight.

Prefer the food that contains high protein and fat for your White German Shepherd due to which your pet will gain weight. If your German Shepherd still does not even gain weight then you need to increase their feeding time. You can increase this up to 4 times a day after which you will observe a positive response.

Hair Fall:

Don’t worry about normal hair falling. Almost every German Shepherd falls out twice a year. Often their hair falls before winter and before the summer season. but also note that if your GSD hair falls in a huge amount then it must need a proper treatment.

Not For Small House Or Flat:

If your house is small or you live in a flat then German Shepherd is not a good option as a pet for you because this kind of dog is not made for small houses. They always want to become social and have some fun outdoors.

If you still want to keep GSD in a small house then you need to walk them every morning for at least 30 minutes. The habit of such types of dogs is that they do not want to be alone so you should never leave them alone. These dogs are always happy with their owners so be kinds towards them.

Skin Infection:

Many German Shepherds have a problem of skin infection, if you also notice such a problem with your White German Shepherd then you need proper treatment and must contact the doctor. Also, use anti-inflammatory shampoos for quick recovery. Also, avoid those foods that make them allergic, because if once their allergies increase then you will be upset.

Basic Commands Of Training Your German Shepherd:

Always call him by his name due to which he will recognize his own name. This is the first step of training. He will realize his name when you call him every time. After doing this a few times he will completely understand his name.

After this, now your job is to train your White GSD and teach them some basic actions like sit, stand, come and go, etc. After some time your GSD will completely know all the basic commands.


Some Guidance For You:

Try to put your command short and easy and repeat your words for a long time. It will help your dog to know all the words quickly. When you train your GSD, try to keep the session time short. 95% of German Shepherds learn new commands in five repetitions. Positive reinforcement will help you a lot in getting the result, build a healthy relationship with your German shepherd.