Rin Tin Tin K9 cop 

German Shepherds are an incredibly loving and well-known dog breed. Loyal, intelligent, and great with children of all ages, they are often regarded as a perfect family dog.

Moreover, the police and military notably use German Shepherds as K-9 officers for their eagerness to work and good nature. But did you know about the great history that showcases the extraordinary traits and magnificence of this breed? This article explores the story of two influential dogs within our history.


The start of a wonderful life


During the first world war, a gentleman named Corporal Lee Duncan of the U.S Army Air Service, an aerial gunner in a quaint French village was in a site that had been devastated and destroyed by German bombers and artillery.

To Duncan’s surprise, he discovered a litter of five German Shepard puppies and a starving mother in a derelict kennel.

What a fantastic discovery of life in a field of chaos. After weaning the puppies and mother back to good health, Duncan decided to keep two of the puppies for himself.

A male and female named Rin Tin Tin and Nanette; a homage to the names given by the French children to describe good luck charms. But were they to bring good luck?

Once the end of the war was declared, Duncan was able to transport the dogs back to his home in Long Island, New York. Mrs.

Leo Wanner, a breeder proficient in training police dogs, diagnosed Nanette with pneumonia and in turn, gave Duncan a replacement female dog. Unfortunately, during a train journey to California, news of Nanette’s death reached Duncan and the new female dog was named Nanette II as a sign of respect.


A close friend of Duncan saw the beautiful sable colored dogs and suggested with enthusiasm how successful the dogs would be in a dog show and that he should put them forward for one. However, it wasn’t the outstanding Crufts performance the pair had hoped. Rin Tin Tin’s unusual aggression of barking and growing within his performance upstaged his natural agility. The night leads on to become a series of unfortunate events as on the journey home, a large stack of newspapers thrown from a delivery truck hit Rin Tin Tin breaking his front left leg. The calamity took a slow nine months to heal.


However, the courageous and tenacious traits of the German Shepherd didn’t let this hold him back. Rin Tin Tin went on to have a great career in Hollywood movies from 1922 to 1931. The film he started in ‘Where the North Begins’ (1923) is credited as a critical factor in saving the Warner Brothers company from bankruptcy. Just imagine the movies that would cease to exist!

adventures of rin tin tin

At the end of a long career in show business, one August day in 1932 Duncan heard Rin Tin Tin bark unusually and rushed to see what was wrong. Moments away from his final breath, he found him lying on the ground.

It was as though Rin Tin Tin had wanted Duncan to be with him in his last moments. This heart-wrenching moment shows the strength and undeniable bond between dog and owner. As you read this, I am sure you can relate to a moment as pure and heartfelt with a previous pet or animal you knew and loved.


The long-lasting legacy of Rin Tin Tin K9 cop runs through his bloodline with his relations training and working as service dogs for special needs children.


A Buddy for life


In our modern society, where almost anything we desire in that present moment can be attained in an instant at the touch of a button, it is easy to take the things we have in life for granted, particularly our health.

The advancements in medical technologies and discoveries are profound. Still, we cannot forget about how dogs also play a part in aiding the everyday life of many individuals who suffer from disabilities such as partial or complete loss of sight.


In 1927, 20-year-old Morris Frank became exhausted with having to rely on others to assist him in his day-to-day life as a result of his blindness.

It was Frank’s father who first brought to light the idea of having a dog to assist him after reading an article by a woman named Dorothy Eustis from Switzerland who had begun training dogs to help the blind.

Thrilled by the prospect of new-found freedom and gaining a new best friend, Frank traveled to Europe and trained with a dog bred entirely to serve the blind. This dog would be known as Buddy, the German Shepherd.

On his return to America, Frank was determined to spread awareness of this life-changing experience. Before Buddy, Frank recognized how he often felt isolated in society and envied those with eyesight as they could strike a conversation with a stranger effortlessly and enjoy the small talk as they strolled the streets.

Having Buddy by his side gave strangers an incentive and conversation starter with Frank. How can you blame them! I know I can’t resist walking past a dog in public without saying hello and starting a conversation with the owner.

This incredible relationship between Buddy and Frank resulted (with the assistance of some friends) to the start of The Seeing Eye institution. A place dedicated to training guide dogs with their owners.

This institution has gone on to train more than 14,000 dogs, and Buddy was the beautiful German Shepherd who started it all. He remained a national hero until his eventual and sad passing in 1938. An obituary was noted in the New York Times showcasing the number of people who valued Buddy and all he did for the blind community.


These two stories simply showcase a small moment in history in which the German Shepherd has proven itself as a loyal, intelligent, and trustworthy dog. The perfect addition to any household as they continue to make lasting impacts in history and the lives of their owners.