Different German Shepherd Coat Color Patterns:

The German Shepherd dogs contain different types of color. Silver German Shepherd is one of them. The basic colors are listed below.

  • Black and Silver
  • Black
  • Sable
  • Black and tan
  • Red and Black
  • Gray

Black And Silver German Shepherd:

Short haired german shepherd

If you are in search of a pure Silver German Shepherd it will be a difficult task for you because the pure silver color in German Shepherd is extremely rare. Many silver GSD contains a combination of black color like they contain a black color on their face or legs.

Black and Silver GSD need a brush to remove loose hairs. As an owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your GSD. Must spend some time with your lovely pets in order to become your loyal friends. Silver German Shepherd always wants to play with humans because without owners and his/her family GSD feels lonely.

Black German Shepherd:

black and white german shepherd

The coat color of this German Shepherd is purely black. German Shepherd in this color is very rare and this is the reason that black German Shepherd is high in price. In black color, you can keep a small coat, medium coat, and long coat German Shepherd. A pure black German shepherd looks taller than an average German shepherd.

You should take special care of their cleaning when you want to keep a German shepherd as a pet. If your GSD has small or medium hair then you need a little maintenance but if they contain long hair, then brush them after every few days to remove the extra hairs.

During the dogs’ competition show, the most wanted color is pure black. Apart from this, bi-color is also acceptable during competition shows like black along with silver, black along with tan, black along with cream, etc.

Sable German Shepherd:

sable german shepherd

German shepherds are also available in a Sable color coat with similar properties like black and silver black.

Black And Tan Coat German Shepherd:

This is the most common and available color in German Shepherd. This color is well known to every German Shepherd lover.

Red And Black Coat German Shepherd:

The combination of red and black color gives an amazing looked that’s why most people love this color, German Shepherd.

Grey Coat German Shepherd:

Like other colors, gray color is also available in German Shepherd. It is your choice which color you choose but the color does not change the properties and characteristics of this dog. If we talk about the price so the price of different German Shepherd change with the colors and sizes. When size and age increase, the price also increases, similarly color also affects the price rate like black and white color GSD are rare so its prices are more.

White/Blue Coat German Shepherd:

These two colors are the rarest colors of German Shepherd especially blue. The look of these colors is amazing and attractive.

Properties Of Silver German Shepherd:

blue german shepherd puppy

No matter what color the German Shepherd has, its features are the same. Here are some basic properties of Silver German Shepherd.

Intelligence Level Of Silver GSD:

German Shepherd dogs are smarter. The GSD is the world’s 3rd intelligent dog ever. Its intelligence level is very high due to which it understands every activity in a small amount of time. They are also very active dogs.

Silver German Shepherd guard dog:

Silver German Shepherd is one of the best guards dogs. You can guess that police in most countries use GS dogs as a guard. Military also uses this dog for different tasks due to which further increase in its demand can be seen.

Silver GSD loyalty:

Actually, all kinds of dogs are loyal but the loyalty of GSD is next level. No matter what kind of situations are, GSD always helps its owners. If there is any trouble with the owner, Silver German Shepherd is always ready to defend him and to make his owner safe. This is the reason that most owners use GSD for their safety.

Silver German Shepherd Are Friendly Dogs:

german shepherd puppy training

Most people say that Silver German Shepherd is aggressive dogs but this does not make any sense because it is all about your training. If you want to keep your GSD friendly towards your children and family you need to friend them with your kids at the training session. It is mean that keep your Silver German Shepherd social and meet him with a smiley face.

Silver German Shepherd Is Energetic Dogs:

As this is used for military purposes it means that it is more energetic. You need to exercise them for at least 1.5 hours a day. Walk them, run with them, and play with them because of which it will become your friend. If you are a lover of German Shepherd dogs then buy Silver German Shepherd.

Are You Able To Keep Silver German Shepherd Dog As A Pet?

Of course, you can keep Silver German Shepherd as a pet if you really love dogs. These dogs are indeed used for military purposes but you can see other properties like GSD are very friendly, this is a family dog. Keeping all these properties in mind you can buy GSD for your home.

Keep Your Silver German Shepherd Healthy And Happy:

If you want to enjoy yourself with your lovely Silver German Shepherd you need to keep them joyful. Also, keep eye on your GSD diets which play an important role in health. To keep your GSD happy, you need to provide a suitable shelter, delivers clean and comfortable bedding, along with that they also need an average exercise.

American Loves German Shepherd:

Most American love German Shepherd and they keep them as a pet. That is why the amount of German Shepherd increases regularly in America. currently, more than 3.4 million GSD are present in the USA only. In most dogs competition shows, GSD plays an important character.