The Sable German Shepherd is a masterpiece

Sable German Shepherds are amazing to look at and are famous for their beautiful, dominant, and unique colors. Each individual hair is different in color with some being darker, some being lighter, and some pure black.  Although their hair color may be magnificent, Sable German Shepherds require the same love and care as a regular German Shepherd dog and are still the same as normal GSDs when it comes to health, grooming, and temperament.

Typically, their fully gown size varies from 22 to 26 inches and their weight can be anywhere from 55 to 95lb all depending on the gender of the dog.  It is a working dog with a lifespan of approximately 9-13 years. Sable German Shepherds have grey, tan or silver fur with a black tint.  They are extremely loyal, intelligent, and loving animals who are confident and self-assured thus making them extremely hard-working dogs.  This is much the same though as your regular German Shepherd except for the fact that their coloring outshines all the others!


Setting them apart from the rest

sable german shepherd

The eyes and nose of the Sable GSD are normally black. On average they produce a litter of anywhere from 5 – 9 puppies. The puppies have droopy ears, but as they get older the ears become more erect.   Many breeders do charge more for a Sable German Shepherd due to the rare color of the breed. These dogs are agouti which refers to an overall greyish color with salt and pepper brindle.  Agouti is spread throughout several mammals especially wolves which is why the name “wolf grey” is one of the most popular descriptions used for these dogs.  The silver and dark Sable German Shepherds are the most likely to resemble wolves.


The appearance of the Sable German Shepherd

These spectacular animals are athletically built with erect ears and dark brown eyes.  With a long muzzle and jawline as well as a hard skull they are an extremely strong breed looking very similar to a wolf.  They are long animals with the top half of their body being taller than their back half.  They have a black mask around their eyes consisting of black fur as well as a black pattern on their back that is a saddle shape.  This is with the exception of the black color breeds.

Their coats can either be medium or long and is the course and straight.  A double coat enables them to live well in fluctuating weather conditions

Their color is due to pigment cells which means that as the dog grows the cells of the pigment will change which will mean that the color or your Sable German Shepherd could either lighten or darken with age.  You will only know the true color of your canine friend when they have fully matured.


Types of Sable German Shepherds

The Agouti gene as mentioned previously has many different variations.  These variations are all code for wild-type black-tipped hairs. The affected body parts include the ears, head, tail, and back.

There are three different types:

The tipped sable has a red body with black shaded hair

The clear sable are red dogs as well but have fewer black hairs

The shaded sable is almost the same as the tipped sable but has more black hairs.


The Sable German Shepherds Personality traits

sable german shepherd

These are patient, self-assured, and confident dogs with a high prey drive.  But there is no need to fear because if integrated properly into your life from an early age prey drive issues can be eliminated.  They are loving dogs with big hearts and offer excellent protection to their owners and loved ones.  Being easy to train makes them great military and police force dogs and they are more than capable of knowing the difference between good and bad situations.  It is advisable though to always be wary and introduce new people to them in order for them to know that the person is not a threat to its owner.  Their natural instinct is to make their owners pleased with their performance.

Known for their loyalty, good nature, and hard-working traits there is no reason not to love these beautiful animals.  It is always advisable to work with a responsible breeder who is passionate about the welfare and diligence of the breed.


Compatibility of a Sable German Shepherd

These furry friends make an excellent addition to any home.  They are highly trainable and loyal and love children and playing.  They have the intelligence to know when to be kind and gentle and are also able to get along well with cats and other animal’s in the home if introduced at an early stage in their lives.  They fit very well in a more active family as they love to run, play, hike, and keep busy.  Unless you are an intruder, they have a wonderful temperament and are very protective of their owners.  All in all, this canine is a large and loving dog that would complete the most active families.


Daily requirements of your Sable German Shepherd

sable GSD


This dog needs a good quality diet filled with protein.  Being an athletic and working dog it requires a diet that will give it the essential energy that it needs to flourish.  Some owners opt for a raw meat-based diet, while others opt for a wet or dry kibbled diet.  You need to make sure that your dog is getting enough essential vitamins and minerals and it is always very important to consult with your vet for advice.  Meals two times a day are enough for an adult dog whereas puppies would require three feeding times per day.


Once old enough these dogs absolutely love going for daily runs.  Bear in mind that puppies are not capable of running for long periods of time, so it is advisable to take it slow with them at first. Puppies will love swimming if introduced at an early enough and will, once confident, splash around with you and your family in the pool!

Playtime is also important for your Sable German Shepherd no matter what its age so buy your pet some safe toys to play with like balls and frisbees.


It is important to start training your Sable German Shepherd from a young age in order to achieve proper socialization skills.  This breed of dog requires being exposed to different people and animals from an early age.  Training comes naturally to your Sable GSD as they are known for their high intelligence.  Remember to always praise and reward them with food or toys to show positive reinforcement.  Mental stimulation is also important, and this can be done by exposing your dog to various environments and playing games such as hide and seek and tug of war.


Unfortunately, a Sable German Shepherd can be predisposed to a few health issues such as hip dysplasia which is an inherited condition.  There is only so much you can do about this condition.  Always consult with your vet if you feel your animal may be in some form of pain.

Other than that, make sure that you give your dog the right number of vitamins and supplements together with a balanced diet and active lifestyle.


Characteristically known for their double coats, Sable German Shepherds need to be brushed daily and only washed once every one or two months unless your hound has managed to get extremely dirty.  Even though they tend to be heavy shedders it is important to note that you should never shave your Shepherd!  This is their protection from the elements.

As with your standard German Shepherd, attention should also be paid to eye care, ear care, and nail care as well.


Why I should get a Sable German Shepherd

The answer to this question should be quite simple!  Who wouldn’t want a loyal sidekick, exercise partner, and friend?  Couple that with being protective, loving, and confident you will have the perfect dog for you and your family.  The Sable German Shepherd is a classic breed with beautiful color variations and a lovely temperament.  If you make the time for this beautiful dog, you will never regret it as it has everything that you want and need from the canine species.  Treat your Sable GSD well and in turn, you will be loved and protected until its dying days.