If you are thinking about adding a German Shepherd to your family, it is essential to know if you are getting a purebred. Since only the purebred German Shepherd will display all the traits that these canines are famous for.

A German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds since it is smart and courageous. They can be recognized easily due to their sturdy built and pointed ears.

Also, known as Alsatian in some parts of the world, German Shepherds make one of the most versatile working dogs. Originally bred to herd flocks all day long, German Shepherds are high-energy dogs who may get bored quickly without any physical activity or exercise.

This loyal dog breed is capable of doing a lot more than just herding a flock. You will find them in the military, sniffing illegal substances at the airports, and chasing criminals. Well, there’s almost nothing that this dog can’t do.

In this article, we shall talk about how to tell if a German Shepherd is purebred or mixed.

How can I tell if my German Shepherd is purebred?

purebred german shepherd

1. DNA Testing

DNA testing is one of the most assuring ways to know if your dog is a purebred German Shepherd. The entire process of getting a DNA test on your dog is quite simple. You will require a DNA test kit that will help you collect a sample of your dog’s cheek cells with a swab. Mail the sample to a testing laboratory.   Another way to get a DNA test is by collecting the blood sample of your dog. It should be carried out by a veterinarian. After sending in the sample, you will have to wait for around one-two month for the result. The results will clear out if your dog is a purebred German Shepherd or a mixed breed. If it is a mixed breed, you will be able to determine what percentage of its DNA comes from a German Shepherd. Not only that, but the results will also give you an insight into your dog’s overall health.

2. Taking help of a Veterinarian

If you aren’t sure about your dog’s lineage or breed, a veterinarian can help you identify it with ease. Generally, veterinarians are familiar with the breeds of most dogs. They will easily examine the physical characteristics to determine the breed.

3. Behavioral Characteristics of the purebred german shepherd

Purebred german shepherd

If your dog is a purebred German Shepherd, it will be extremely loyal to you and your family. Initially, it remains very reserved; however, when it forms a connection, there is no way you can doubt its loyalty. Apart from that, if it feels threatened, it gets very protective as well. Its sense of possession makes it apt for guarding your family. Besides, it can easily differentiate between who is family and who isn’t.   Another essential behavioral characteristic is the energy level of a purebred German Shepherd. These are high-energy dogs and require a lot of physical activity. If you do not make it indulge in energetic physical activities, it is likely to get bored. When a purebred German Shepherd is bored, it shows destructive behavior and starts chewing, digging, and barking.   Many other behavioral characteristics help a person make a clear differentiation between German Shepherd purebred vs. mixed. These are highly intelligent and can be trained to do a variety of jobs. They help in searching, rescuing, and assist the elderly or visibly impaired people.

4. Examining the Dog’s Coat

Examining a German Shepherd’s coat is one of the most obvious ways to tell if it is purebred. If it is a typical German Shepherd, you will see tan coloring along with black facial and saddle marking. Its coat is dense and short, lying close to its body.   There can be three different varieties of a purebred German Shepherd’s coat – double coat, long-haired coat, and plush coat. Apart from that, German Shepherds shed hair throughout the year and require regular grooming.   When it comes to a purebred German Shepherd’s color, you will find them in jet black.

5. Physical Characteristics

There are several physical characteristics of a purebred German Shepherd that make it stand out from a mixed breed. They have distinct and pointed ears that may look too big for a young puppy. However, as they grow up, the ears seem to fit perfectly on their head. While they are young, you will notice that the ears are going up. You may also notice one standing erect while the other drooping down. It indicates that your puppy is going through its puberty stage.   Apart from the distinct ears, a purebred German Shepherd’s head tilt is one of the most loved physical traits. Some people believe that this tilt is a sign of intelligence, while others believe that it helps them see people.   The weight of a German Shepherd dog is between 77-85 pounds, meaning it has a strong and heavy build. Besides, a purebred German Shepherd is up to 26 inches tall. Overall these are muscular dogs that have sloping shoulders and front legs along with a deep narrow chest. A puppy typically weighs around 60 pounds when they are six months old.   Another physical characteristic of a purebred German Shepherd is its long bushy tail. When a German Shepherd is resting, its tail tends to hang low to the ground. However, once alert, their tail rises slightly with a curve.


So, if you plan to buy a purebred German Shepherd, the points mentioned above will help you get a clear picture. May you have a great four-pawed friend and companion!

The German Shepherds are one of the most pleasing breeds of dogs. Once they become familiar to you, they offer immense loyalty and love to your family. They are the best option for someone who is planning to buy a dog for the first time. An intelligent companion, a purebred German Shepherd, will know who to cuddle and who to attack.