Playtime with your German Shepherd!

Fun and game times are just as important as training time and you can use your imagination to create fun games that you and your GSD can play together.

A German Shepherd is known as a working dog but that doesn’t mean that it does not need plenty of time to be allowed to play and have fun.  This is beneficial to both the dog and its owner and creates trust as well as promotes bonding time.

The benefits of keeping your GSD entertained

These enthusiastic and loving dogs can get bored easily and it is only fair to find ways to keep them entertained.  Here are a few things that you must incorporate into your German Shepherds routine.  Not only are they of the utmost importance to your dog, but they are fun too.


German Shepherd Obedience TrainingObedience training is key when you own a GSD.


  • You create a better bond with your dog ensuring that you have their lifelong loyalty
  • It is a very important tool that shows you to be the Alpha in the relationship.
  • It can go a long way towards keeping your dog, as well as others safe.


German Shepherd Agility TrainingAgility training keeps your dog fit and healthy


  • Agility training prevents obesity, makes bones and joints stronger, and prevents obesity.
  • This training is useful in exercising your dog’s mind
  • It creates the ability for your German Shepherd to solve problems
  • Teaches your dog body awareness skills
  • An added benefit is that keeps the dog’s owner in shape as well!


  • Daily Walks With Your Dog – This is an essential part of your dog’s daily regime


  • Releases energy that is stored up inside your German Shepherd and decreases the likeliness of it getting up to mischief
  • Stimulates your dog’s mind and allows it to investigate noises, sights, and sounds
  • A German Shepherd has a lot of energy so it can go on forever. Set a time that you are able to take your German Shepherd for a walk daily and stick to it.


  • German Shepherd Socializing – Socialization is of the utmost importance to make sure your dog is happy and well-balanced.


  • Enables your dog to stop being fearful of things that they need not be fearful of.
  • Allows them to know when they should be wary
  • Combats behavioral and aggression problems
  • Teaches your dog to make friends and listen to others with the incorporation of exercise


Games to play with your german shepherd

playing with GSD

Now that we have covered the absolute “have to do” list we can talk about other games and training that are fun for both you and your faithful dog. It is always a good idea to incorporate a number of games into your German Shepherd’s life.  These kinds of activities add so much more richness and fulfillment to your canine’s life and let’s face it, it is well deserved after all the love and loyalty they give to us.

Here is a list of some games that are proven to be fun as well as add stimulation to your German Shepherds life:


  • Game of Fetch with your German Shepherd.

This can be a nice reward game for a good training session.  German Shepherds get really excited when it is time to play a game of fetch!  Pick up a toy or a stick and throw it past your German Shepherd allowing it to pick it up and bring it back to you.  Some are able to learn this game with little effort and training whereas others may take a little longer to learn this game.

Be sure to teach your dog to drop the item first.  If your German Shepherd does not cooperate then end the game and try again another day.


  • Treasure Hunting with your GSD

The idea of this game is to put your German Shepherd in a sitting position and place a treat in their sight.  Go back to your dog and then encourage them to retrieve the treat.  Repeat this every day until your dog is used to this. After a few days start to hide the treat and allow your dog to try and find it.  Each time move the treat a little further from their sight.


  • Hide and Seek with your dog

Make sure that you are out of sight from your German Shepherd then use your normal call command or call your dog’s name. When your GSD finds you act with great excitement.  Once your dog gets the hang of this you can gradually start hiding in other rooms or behind doors and furniture.


  • Tug of war with your German Shepherd

This is a game that your German Shepherd will absolutely love!  Choose a toy that you can use as your tug of war toy and only use this toy for your tug of war game.  Try to use the same cue every time you would like to get this game started.  Your GSD is normally driven by instinct when it comes to tugging so it is an easy game for your dog to catch on to.

Tug on the toy a few times and then tell your dog to drop the toy.  This is an important part of the game and needs to be learned in order for the game to stop when you need it to.  After this, it is a good idea to reward your dog with a treat.


  • Swimming with your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are good swimmers and love any water-based activities whether it be in a pool, lake, or pond.  Play and fetch can be incorporated into the swimming activity as well.


  • Clean Up Your Toys with your dog

Collect several items and toys that are safe for your dog to play with and keep them in a box.  When you start playing this game empty the box and scatter the toys on the floor.  Try to teach your dog to pick up these items one by one and put them in your hand.  Transfer these toys back into the box and reward them with a treat when the box has been filled back up with the toys.  Overtime starts to make the toys harder and harder for your dog to put in your hand. Some GSDs may eventually start to pick up the items and put them in the box themselves.


Make each day a play day!

german shepherd playtime

Try to play at least one game with your German Shepherd every day.  This helps to build a steady and trusting relationship with your dog and gives them something to look forward to.

 “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”  – Christopher Morley