If you are considering getting a dog, then King Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Which one to Choose? is an article that will help answer your question.

You may be thinking that King Shepherd and German Shepherd are the same, but there are actually some significant differences between these two breeds of dogs. We hope this article will help you decide which type of dog would be best for you!

First, we will learn about the history of both the German Shepherd and King Shepherd, then we will discover their origin and main traits and finally, we will explore each breeds’ individual characteristics highlighting the differences and similarities.

The History of the German Shepherds

history of german shepherd

The German Shepherds originated in Germany in 1899. They were developed originally for herding and guarding sheep. Their brilliant sense of smell, intelligence, bravery, and speed made them the best herders.

When the first World War started, the GSDs became very popular in not only Germany but other countries as well. After the war ended, many returning soldiers spoke highly of them. They appreciated the German Shepherds’ loyalty and courage.

German Shepherds’ popularity rose in America and the United Kingdom, due to dog movie stars Strongheart and Rin-Tin-Tin. They gained so much popularity that they were described as the dogs who saved Hollywood!

Nowadays, the remarkable qualities of the German Shepherds such as strength, obedience, and intelligence made them no longer used to herd sheep. Instead, these qualities have made them the best choice for police and military, mainly for search and rescue.

The History of The King Shepherds

king shepherd

King Shepherds are defined as a new and rare breed. They were developed in 1991 by Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer in America.

They share the same ancestry as the  German Shepherds. In fact, the original breeders wanted to create larger-sized German Shepherds, with less aggressiveness and health issues.

Primarily, the King shepherds are  German Shepherds mixed with many other breeds, such as the Shiloh Shepherd, Alaskan Malamutes, Belgian Shepherd, Great Pyrenees, Leonberger, Akita, and others.

Unfortunately, King Shepherds are still considered in development or in the process of being refined, that is why they still remain unrecognized by the American Kennel Club.

How Are German Shepherd and King Shepherd Different?

king shepherd vs german shepherd

History is not the only thing that German Shepherds and King Shepherd don’t share, there are other things as well. We will explore the other differences between the two, including Origins, appearance, and behavior.

King Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Origins

As its name indicates, the German Shepherds were originally developed in Germany. However, the King Shepherds were created in America, emerging from the American German Shepherd Dog, Shiloh Shepherd.

King Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Appearance

One of the main differences between the German Shepherds and the King Shepherds is their appearance. King Shepherd looks like a larger version of the German Shepherd.

King Shepherds also have thick bones, strong heads, and a muscled torso with less angulation at the hips.

German Shepherds, on the other hand, are classed as medium-large dogs and have more angular hips.

German Shepherds: Characteristics and Behavior

German Shepherds are medium-large build, agile, muscular, strong, and intelligent. Not only that but GSDs are also known for being fun, loyal, confident, courageous, with a great ability to form a strong bond with their owner.

Bonding and Sociability

German Shepherds are very much pleasers, they like to please their owner, something that makes them easy to train. It is advisable that training should start at 8-weeks old as this will ensure that they grow up to become a well-trained adult.

When around strangers, the GSDs can become nervous and aggressive. This is due to their great loyalty to their owners. All you have to do is reassure them that the stranger is not a threat.

German Shepherds can grow to be very aggressive if they didn’t get the chance to be raised in a caring home, trained, and learned how to socialize.

German shepherds are super energetic

The German Shepherds are considered high-energy dogs, so they require a lot of exercise. Each day they have to get at least 2 hours of physical activity such as walks, hikes, and running.

They also need mental stimulation. If you get them a selection of interactive or puzzle toys would be great since it will keep their brain active.

If GSDs don’t exercise, they may experience anxiety and also display many unwanted behaviors including barking, howling, and chewing.

German Shepherds are very affectionate :

German Shepherds are known for being super affectionate dogs and enjoy being in a family. However, many people notice that they become a bit clingy and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

King Shepherds: Characteristics and Behavior

King Shepherds were bred to be less aggressive and have consistent temperaments than GSDs.Although their intimidating size, They are known for being super loving and kind.

They are extremely intelligent and they can easily be trained in both obedience and personal protection.

Bonding and Sociability

Despite their size, King Shepherds are affectionate and kind, especially towards children.

King Shepherds are extremely intelligent and enjoy learning new tricks.

King Shepherds are an active breed

Kind Shepherds like German Shepherds require a great deal of daily exercise, including walking, running, and playing.

Same thing as GSDs if left without exercise, they will display unwanted and destructive behaviors.

How Are German Shepherd and King Shepherd Similar?

We have discovered the differences between the German Shepherds and King Shepherds and now we will get to know more about their similarities.


Both the German Shepherds and King Shepherds are super loyal, devoted, and protective. They will protect their family and territory with their life since they have very strong herding traits.


These breeds are very intelligent and easy to train. This comes from their devotion and yearns to please their owner. They also have a great ability to learn new skills and tricks.

Great with Children and Other household  Pets

There is nothing to worry about with these two breeds when it comes to raising them with your children and other pets. They both have soft temperaments and a great ability to get along with everyone.


King Shepherd vs German Shepherd: Which Dog Is Best For You?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in a dog.

If you are looking for a loving pet that will get along and play with your children, King Shepherd would be a great choice since they have a calmer demeanor and are known for not being aggressive.

However, if you want a watchdog that will be obedient, super protective, and still get along with your family then the German Shepherd would be the right decision.