German Shepherds Dogs are not good family dogs, they are one of the best dog breeds to add to your family members, whether you have kids or not, they are the best companion you can have in your journey.

In this article, you’ll find 10 common reasons that make the GSD Breed the Perfect family dog.

It is not unusual for people to ask – ‘Are German Shepherds good family dogs?’

There is a lot of depth to this question. And it is essential to ensure that the pet dog must be safe and comfortable with the family, especially with kids. But despite the intense and menacing looks of a German Shepherd, they are sweet peas at heart. And will win you over with one head tilt, we bet!

Let’s begin with a little background check. German Shepherds were primarily bred to protect the cattle from wild animals. Besides, this is visibly evident from their somewhat menacing looks.

But that was in medieval times. Today they are one of the most famous pet dog breeds on more than three continents. They are known for loyalty, diligence, and fierceness when challenged.

And here we are with the top ten reasons that make German Shepherds the best family dogs. Check these out!

. Are German Shepherds Good with Kids

Almost all german shepherd owners will tell you that their dog loves being around kids. And rightly so, their protective instinct makes them a loving and playful companion for your kids and toddlers.

Playing a ball, running, or overlooking them as guardians, German Shepherds are extremely playful. They’ll do absolutely everything that they can to keep the kids happy and safe, making them the best family dogs.


. They will Protect their Owners with everything they’ve got.

german shepherd guard dog

Give it to their innate instinct or guarding skills, German Shepherds will give everything they’ve got to protect the people they love. There are hundreds of stories roaming around on the internet on how German Shepherds protected their owners and houses with their lives. Having such noble beings around your family is always securing.

But their protective behavior doesn’t mean that they will harm your own. They are just a little sensitive towards the privacy and protection of their human family.

. German Shepherds are Highly Versatile


These dogs are considered highly versatile due to their sharp intellect and athletic body. They are more comfortable in cold areas but can comfortably live in terrains with hot & humid temperatures. Besides, it is their very light and protective fur that helps them adapt to different climatic conditions.

. They require less physical activity


German Shepherd is one of those selected breeds that is blessed with some fantastic genetics. The body structure is such that it doesn’t require a lot of physical activity to keep them active. Daily 30-minutes walk plus some running will suffice to keep them fit and active.

They also don’t require much space to roam around. And if you tend to have a small house, it wouldn’t be a big issue for them. This is another excellent response to anyone who asks Are german shepherds good family dogs?

. Fierce when Challenged


Wondering if – German shepherds are dangerous? No, they are not. But as we said, they are guard dogs. So if you challenge them or their owners, they often get fierce.

According to a report from Harvard, German Shepherds have the seventh-lowest bite rate in the entire world. This can be an indication that their fierce behavior is only a caution sign than aggressiveness.

. German Shepherds are very Gentle

German shepherd good with family

Don’t judge them based on their intimidating looks. German shepherds are quite gentle at heart. They get very attached to their owners and families and just love being around them. They’ll absolutely love it when you adore them or caress them.

You may also find them sad or even weeping if they don’t get attention from you. Or they will perhaps beg for your attention, by tagging you around. So for everyone who questions – can a german shepherd be a family dog, all that they want is a family!

. They’re Super Intelligent!


Like most shepherd breed dogs, they are extremely intelligent. However, they have ranked the third most intelligent dog breeds in the world. They are super quick at learning new things and locations. And, therefore, easy to train as well.

They also develop skills like self-eating and peeing only at certain places quite early than other dogs. Due to these abilities, no wonder, GSD is the most preferred dog breed when it comes to police and military dogs.

. Less Hair Fall

Available in two coat lengths, long and short, German Shepherd’s furriness is equally gorgeous. But if you are worried that you will have a hard time collecting all that fallen fur, relax dear. German Shepherds are light shedders when compared to most other breeds with similar coat lengths.

Besides, the hairs are shed in a particular season, depending on your dog’s birth. While it also somewhat depends on your dog’s diet. Or perhaps the rainy months.


. They are great guard-dog breeds in the world

German shepherds guard dogs

German shepherds are good family dogs, considering their global reputation for being the best guard dogs. If you are looking for a companion who will fiercely protect your house, then German shepherds are right up.

Used by police and armed forces for elite operations, these dogs have high sniffing power. And also some crazy reflexes, as they are swift to respond to anything fishy.


. They have crazy energy levels

These dogs have a very high energy bar, and if fed properly, they will never run out of energy and enthusiasm. You can commend their insanely high energy levels majorly to their ancestors. German shepherds were considered mountain dogs, and they usually have to run a lot every day in order to stay active and fit.

This feature comes extremely handy in guarding situations as their energy levels let them guard non-stop for many hours.


Wrapping Up!

So to finally address the elephant in the room, Is a german shepherd a good family dog?

GSD can go to the extent of sacrificing their lives, to save their family.

What more could one ask for?


Their loving nature, sharp intellect, guarding instinct, and insanely high energy levels all constitute to a simple answer. Yes, a german shepherd can be the best family dog that you will ever own. All you have to do is train them early, and they will be an obedient and intelligent student waiting to impress you all the time.