Keeping your German Shepherd Groomed!

Your German Shepherd, your partner in crime, your playmate, and your best friend.  This amazing dog deserves all the love and cares you have to give. German Shepherd grooming, in particular, should be no different.  These beautiful and majestic animals need grooming and maintenance to keep them looking top-notch. German Shepherds tend to shed quite a bit so some extra time spent on grooming regimes will go a long way in maintaining your precious friend’s well-being.  German Shepherds need continuous upkeep in order to ease the shedding and keep them looking exquisite. Nobody wants to see a sad and matted child, why would a dog be any different?

The benefits of Grooming your beloved animal

  • Improved Health

Besides helping to keep your pet’s coat shiny, brushing also stimulates the hair follicles that lie under the skin releasing endorphins.  This hormone keeps your dog happy, healthy, and feeling loved.  Matted hair on your dog can become extremely painful and could cause tears in the skin which can lead to painful infections and unwanted trips to the veterinary clinic.

  • Identify Issues

By using your hands to gently rub and brush every part of your GSD it is much easier to identify bumps, adhesions, or abnormal growths that may need to be addressed by a professional.  Your dog could also show discomfort when you touch it on certain places of its body, therefore, allowing you to identify where the pain is coming from.

  • Bonding

Any activity spent with your GSD is special and grooming is by no means any different. Bathing your dog in warm water, together with gentle talking and head scratches goes a long way in forging the bond between you and your best friend.

  • Maintaining a clean home

It is important to maintain a clean and healthy home whether you have a dog or not.  Your furry friend will make sure to make this quite a painstaking task if you don’t take the time to brush it regularly and remove any excess dirt and loose hair that can leave your house in quite a state. In hindsight, it may be advisable to invest in a vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one!

What to consider before grooming your dog

german shepherd grooming

  • Be careful to choose products that are safe for your dog. Your dog’s age is also a great determiner in deciding which product to use.  Make sure to use a product that is age-appropriate for your dog. It is important to remember that puppies and older dogs may need a different type of product than an adult dog.
  • Female dogs may need a different type of bathing routine when they are on heat, whereas a male dog who tends to spray a lot may need a stronger shampoo to help ease odors and remove excess urine from its body.
  • Working dogs and show dogs need different products. If you are not sure what to purchase, then it is always a good idea to ask your vet or to buy a book containing information on GSD care.
  • You or your dog may be allergic to a certain ingredient in a product. If you find that a product is causing an allergic reaction to you or your dog, then it may be best to consider an alternative option or opt for a non-allergenic product.


Tips for a Better German Shepherd Grooming


Where to groom your dog

You need to groom your dog from top to toe paying specific attention to your dog’s fur, nails, ears, and eyes.

How often do I groom my dog?

Once a week should be more than enough and keeping this as a weekly regime will build a good routine for both you and your dog.  It is, however, important to brush your GSD every few days in order to slow down the shedding process.

Bathing your German Shepherd

You should only bathe your dog once every two months so that you do not strip its coat of natural oils which will leave your dog with dry and itchy skin.  German Shepherds usually shed their coats twice a year.  During this period, it is advisable to bathe your dog a little more than usual and brush more often to get rid of any excess hair.

Nails and Ears

Try to trim your dog’s nails every month and keep checking to see if they are getting too long and causing any discomfort. Be careful when trimming your dog’s nails as German Shepherds have black nails that are hard to see. Long nails can be harmful to you and your family and can also cause pain for your dog if left too long.  GSD’s ears should be cleaned at least once a week using ear drops. Check to see if there is a build-up of wax or dirt in order to prevent infection.


Take the time to carefully look at your GSD’s eyes. While some tear production is normal, leaving these tears in the eyes for too long could cause bacteria to grow.


Remember to always consult your vet if you are unsure of anything relating to your GHD in order to make sure it receives the best possible care.


Items needed for your German Shepherd Grooming


  • An Extra-wide Undercoat rake – to help keep your dog’s coat really shiny.
  • A slicker brush – to maintain your GSD’s undercoat.
  • Pet Grooming Gloves – to brush the coat and remove any debris.
  • Bath Brush – for bath time.
  • Shampoo – to keep skin soft and healthy.
  • Dog Towel – a regular towel will suffice but you can invest in a more luxurious one for your GHD if you want to.
  • Dog Nail Grinder – you can use clippers, but a dog nail grinder tends to be safer than regular clippers.
  • Ear Cleaner wipes – these products assist in keeping your GSD’s ears clean and fresh.
  • Pet Tear Wipes – these are used to gently clean your dog’s eyes and should be used at least once a week.


Do not shave your German Shepherd

It is not advisable to shave your German Shepherd.  Its double coat assists in keeping it cool in Summer and warm in winter.  The hair on your dog fends off insect bites, water and dirt and serves as a barrier to protect your dog against the elements.  Your dog will still shed even if you take away the outer coat so it definitely is not worth the discomfort that you could inflict on your GSD.

Happy dog happy life

Your German Shepherd is your pride and joy so treat it as such.  Grooming, together with good nutrition, exercise, and plenty of love will make all the difference in assuring that your dog is looked after and loved in the way that it needs and deserves.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

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